Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS)

Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS)

Fife Alcohol Support Service is a leading provider of counselling and psychotherapy for people in Fife with alcohol-related problems. We help people deal with addiction, excessive regular drinking and binge drinking.

We also have extensive self-help resources for anyone looking to cut down or stop because of worries they may be drinking too much.

Our other projects include the Community Drug Service which offers outreach support in the community for people with drug-related problems.

Our ADAPT service can advise, guide and support you into the best help and treatment that is available in Fife.

Finally, our Curnie Clubs help people, suffering social isolation, find their way back into community life.

Alcohol Counselling

FASS was formed to provide an alcohol counselling service in Fife and this remains a primary service of the charity to this day. This specialist therapeutic help for people suffering excessive drinking, dependency, or binge drinking, also addresses the inter-relationship between drinking and mental health, trauma, relationships, bereavement and other issues in life. FASS was early in recognising the often complex nature of alcohol-related problems and the need to develop services appropriate to people’s needs.

Most people coming for help with their drinking either refer themselves or come via their GP. However, the service isn’t just for drinkers, we also help partners and other family members. FASS Alcohol Counselling is provided in many Health Centres, Surgeries and community locations in Fife.

Substance Misuse Services

In 2015, Fife Community Drug Service (FCDS) merged with FASS. Our Community Drug Service provides advice and assertive outreach support for individuals, families and their carers. This is specialist help for Opiate use and use of ‘recreational drugs’ including Benzodiazepines, Cocaine and Amphetamines. It’s also for people misusing Prescribed Medications.

Our ADAPT Recovery Support is the main drug and alcohol triage service in Fife. It’s available by telephone and drop-in clinics. ADAPT provides assessment of need and referral to specialist drug and alcohol services within the NHS and Third Sector. A key feature of ADAPT is the ongoing outreach and counselling support it provides for vulnerable people who might otherwise drift away from services.

Social isolation

Our Curnie Clubs help people, suffering social isolation, find their way back into community life. Club Members benefit from therapeutic group work that enables social skills, confidence and abilities to emerge. Members become self-sufficient and self-sustaining, enjoying personal development through peer support and new-found friendships.

Informed services

All our services are client-centred, focus on finding solutions and are based on evidence of effectiveness and models of good practice. We aim to provide services that help people achieve a personal-strengths based recovery. We help clients identify, build and utilise their own strengths and resources within a therapeutic environment that is non-judgemental, empathic and supportive.

Our alcohol and substance misuse services are delivered in-line with the Scottish Government’s ‘The Quality Principles: Standard Expectations of Care and Support in Drug and Alcohol Services’.

FASS is also active in the community, seeking to inform and educate about the scale and impact of alcohol and substance misuse. The charity promotes research and provides training in regard to prevention; early diagnosis and treatment; and sustainable recovery from alcohol-related problems and substance misuse.

Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS), 17 Tolbooth Street, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1RW
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