What We Do

Addiction and mental health go hand in hand, and the road to recovery from addiction and mental health problems can be long and lonely. Just getting through the day can be daunting, especially in the East Neuk where support and services are harder to access than in bigger towns.

Oor Space is a community response to this situation. Set up by volunteers with experience of addiction and mental health issues, it provides a “safe space” which provides contact and support for anyone facing these difficulties.


We run a weekly drop-in café at Anstruther’s Lower Town Hall on Thursdays from 6pm to 7:30pm. This is an open and friendly “safe space”, free of stigma and shame, where everyone is welcome.

With free tea, coffee and snacks, the café provides opportunities for socialising – but we’re a lot more than just a great social space!


As part of a network of other support services locally and further afield in Fife, we can give you information and put you in touch with them.

Addiction and mental health problems often make other things much harder – such as relationships, or managing money, or health, or just the day-to-day business of living. There are numerous services and support groups in Fife which are designed to help with different aspects of the journey to recovery from addiction and mental health problems. However, these services are fragmented and can be hard to reach.

Through our volunteers, café, website and facebook page and group, we provide information about these services and groups, and help people to access them. This site contains a comprehensive directory.


When the café is open, we also have access to computer terminals at the Lower Town Hall for people to use for information searches, applications etc 


As Oor Space establishes itself, we will try to respond to what the group feels it needs or would like, such as workshops or classes on crafts or health, and days out.

We also have limited resources to help with transport costs if necessary, and to organise 1-1 counselling.

About Us

Oor Space is a new community-run venture which provides a drop-in cafe for anyone in the East Neuk with addiction or mental health issues.
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